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Melosa brand bags 7A0019 lace mini dress Brand name: Diana bag Royal blue color, elegant dark green, romantic pink, mysterious black color Dimensions: 15 cm high and 11 cm wide bottom width of 2.5 cm     To welcome online wholesale procurement   OR TEL: +886-6 -2 611181~4
Melosabrand bags 7A0014
Melosa  brand bags 7A0014 (large) Brand name: the dinner ladies bags Color high the Jami white & noble purple color Size: 20 cm wide by 29 cm, 10 cm wide at the bottom       To welcome online wholesale procurement   OR TEL: +886-6 -2 611181~4
Cotton mesh lace code
About 130cm wide x1 feet long < Taiwan Made In Taiwan > ■ 1 foot = 30cm, 1 yard = 90cm 【Made In Taiwan】Origin: Taiwan  【Detail】Cotton yarn, nylon mesh (inelastic)  Price & Size $ 350 / foot (about 130cm wide) ■ 1 foot = 30cm, 1 yard = 90cm  【Color】 beige (Other colors have to be stained)  [Recommended range of use] clothes, scarves, towels, home layout  [Washing method] dry or hand wash  [Reminder] Product photos are taken in kind, due to the

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Ming Lin lace founder - Mr. Lin Maosong, is the eldest son of the family, since childhood with his grandfather to sell Ma, work hard and diligent.
18 years old in his father's referral, to a company called "big mountain" underwear wholesale company engaged in business work,
After eight years of his career as a foreigner, he decided to start his business, so on the Tainan Hai'an Road, rented a shop about 5 Ping size, and siblings try to do some small business.
The early funds are not abundant, but Lin Maosong uphold the "integrity management" concept, deep by the customer's trust in the apparel accessories industry in a firm pace,
And finally in 1959, bought the first house of life, founded the "Mingchang lace button company", by his wife and brother and sister together,
Integrity of the service, coupled with the full range of clothing accessories, to attract a large number of customers come to buy,
Every day the store is full of guests, from the shop to the closing, are an endless stream of procurement crowd.
Did not expect the company set up 5,6 years later, the upsurge of clothing accessories gradually recession,
Bear the brunt of the production of a large number of button accessories for the poor and hoarding into the mountains, the profit is far less than expected, facing a huge test and the impact!


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